sábado, marzo 06, 2010


I joined Facebook with the strong idea
to meet all the beautiful women,
those that show their best face
and no matter what nonsense they write.

I thought, one cold day in Sunday,
a cruel winter for my bones
and my chronic illnesses.

I opened a new account and faked my data,
and looked for a photograph on the Internet
from a handsome, young and unknown man

and I went to the Internet, with these strong desires,
biased wishes, Machiavellians, as Maciel wishes,
and I started looking for girls, girls healthy
with noble desires, naive girls.

But just when, responding to a chat
I had been asked: what do you do?
this made me reconsider, I opened a can of beer
from my rack for poets, then I drank a big gulp;

"I'm a drunk" I said, "do not pay any attention and close
the chat, then go and denounce me with your daddy".
I closed the chat window and I gave me low from the net,
I erased all my data and then canceled the account.

I opened another can of beer brand poet of my
rack of beers and I drank it on one gulp.

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